Here are things we would like – a wish list for the kids to have more and more fun through the years.

Torches and flashing things from

Ride along balance bike type equipment

sand and water play resources

Sand or water timers

Water features for the patio sensory garden

We have bought a large dark tent for the children.  So torches or any lights Please.


Large and small musical instruments especially things that they will not come across often or that make interesting sounds.  Using instruments stimulates children to be creative and out going.  In music we find the children are happy to begin moving in new ways, be involved with group activities, explore their environment and space.


Tipee or den equipment.

GOT:  can always do with more though if you see something you would like to share with our settings.

Guinea pigs with large run for children to be able to enjoy being inside with guineas.   GOT ! 

Mud Kitchen equipment – pots pans, cutlery, utensils, bowls large and small, jugs, pipettes etc etc !! GOT ! 

Insect walk any ideas and equipment gratefully received… old things that would like nice in our area for insects to make their home, specific equipment, paper to draw their markings or observations.  GOT ! 

Sensory garden – outdoor mirrors or coloured things that make a sound or nice sight… Herbs, stones, etc etc  GOT ! 


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