There have been a few updates to policies and procedures initiated by the government.  I am updating my policies as I read through them.  Essentially they relate to keeping children safe from Extremism and Exploitation.  I will discuss this with you and then ask you to sign a copy of the policy when we renew.

Maslows hierarchy of needs Maslows hierarchy of needs

Risk and Benefit evaluation: this is the way I work naturally every day.  The risks of a situation are dependent on the factors at the current time.  It is best to assess all the time and allow all present to learn to assess too. 

We do many activities that are fun and exciting.  In all things we aim to help children learn what they can do and the safest way for them.  Every child is different as is every individual.  We all have different limits and experiences and as we learn we understand what our limits are and what our boundaries are.  I am excited about being part of your child’s learning journey.  I provide a rich and varied environment in which children can learn and grow.

A thought: No One Knows What He Can Do Until He Tries 

and another thought shared at a Forest School conference I attended recently: A ship is safe on the shore, but that is not what is was built to do.

We do many crafts and messy play, forest adventures, garden play and outings.  Please feel free to tell us of exciting places you have been or new skills and activities we could add to our list.

Thank you




If we notice any sign of abuse we will discuss this with you, please feel free to talk to us too.  Problems can usually be addressed easily and with care and confidentiality we want to help.

Courses we have been on often give us lots of information we can share with you as you need it.  We are part of the child care community and as such make sure we are abreast of help available to you and your child.

Do talk to us as we all go through problems that we don’t share with the world, but our families and children do share our lives, which sometimes go a bit pear shaped.  By talking we can find solutions 🙂


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