Meemah is at the Baptist Holiday Club in the mornings for the first week so we will be having a quieter first week.  But still fun.


Mon 24th – Comberton Park

Tues 25th – Sidney invited us for a play date

Weds 26th – Scheri App 11am – Play at home soap carving

Thurs 27th –   Denny Abbey Dig

Fri 28th – Forest Watts Wood

Mon 31st – Old Fashioned Games


Tues 01st – Fitzwilliam Big and Small Art 11-3

Weds 02nd – Scheri appointment Denny Abbey Old Fashioned Games 12-4

Thurs 03rd – Wax Leaves at home.  Build a fire

Fri 04th – Forest School 3.15 dogs to vet

Mon 07th – Whipple Museum by Bus Experiments 11-1

Tues 08th – Museum of Classical Archaeology ‘meet the romans’ 1-4

Weds 09th – Denny Abbey Knights 12-4

Thurs 10th – Forest

Fri 11th – Norris Museum St Ives 10-4

Mon 14th – Saffron Walden Museum ‘stone age day’ 11-1

Tues 15th – Museum of Classical Archaeology ‘Roman Merchant’ 1-4

Weds 16th – Denny Abbey ‘Jesters’ 12-4

Thurs 17th – Forest

Fri 18th – SORRY IM AWAY

Mon 21st – SORRY IM AWAY

Tues 22nd – Forest

Weds 23rd – Denny Abbey Kings and Queens 12-4

Thurs 24th – Forest

Fri 25th – Mims to friends – Norris Museum St Ives

Mon 28th – BANK HOLIDAY BUT LOOK WHATS ON: Denny Abbey 10.30-5 Medieval Re-enactment Day

Tues 29th – Make a sheild and sword at home

Weds 30th – Forest

Thurs 31st – St Neots Museum £3.50 Carve a soap  11-3


Fri 01st – Norris Museum Crafts and fun 10-4




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