a lovely afternoon at wandlebury and having found the den building area we were confronted with little pirates who did want to share. Our team ignored them and handled it very well, very proud you should be.


Pasta Craft

Kids are loving doing crafts thankfully so we are going to get as many different types of pasta as we can colour them and then let them make a picture.

I quite fancy making a sculpture so if you have an old baking trays, bags of old pasta or old food colouring bring them in and we will put them to good use.

At the weekend Lisa and I went on a felt making course and so we are going to make some felt with the little ones so look out for a lovely valentines present be prepared to be amazed 🙂

Nutty Birds Balls

this was  a fantastic sensory play activity.   The children had to really push and Mould the lard and seeds.   We used different seed sizes, nuts, grains and oats.  Rolling them into balls was not hard and now we enjoy watching the birds eat them from our bird feeder.