Our aim is to tailor our activities and outings, learning and activities around the needs and interests of the children in our care.  We are keen to enable children to interact with each other and learn with each other.  It is really enjoyable to see the children watching each other and learning.  At times younger children go on outings for the older children to attend swimming lessons or dance lessons.  They watch the older children and all this enables the younger children even though they are just watching.  We take things for the younger children to do but even being in the environment does benefit them.  The older children love the younger children and their play is inspired even through the play of babies.

The younger children settle well as they enjoy the interaction of the older toddlers.  We have a room (The Log Cabin) in which we spend much of our time and this room is baby friendly as best as can be, this room has a reading area which often changes from a snuggly area to different tents which reflect their play and interest.

Our play room is free for the older toddlers and has a home corner and treasure boxes for the children to explore and play with.   This year we have all changed so much especially with the log cabin going up.

On our outings we will continue to enjoy our times out but have the buggies back, and the older ones love this as they feel safe holding the buggies and having them as a base.  It will be lovely to change our days around to suit babies again and we will have quiet times in the afternoons to do ‘treasure boxes’.

I really look forward to every new term as the children grow.

I have kept the clip below as I find it really helpful when thinking about how brilliant it is for us to have mixed age home as all the children learn from each other.  The babies definately learn an amazing amount from being around older children and visa versa.

serve and return brain development

still face experiment: Dr Edward Tronick

The hug that changed medicine


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