We all need to be able to process a vastly differing world to the world we grew up in.  We are glad that our world is often described as a global village but this brings with it a need for us to adapt, engage, facilitate in a way that we are not naturally able to do.  For many of us change is challenging.  Even our local weekly shopping trips can be stressful as they change the layouts in shops to force us to engage with different products as we look for the ones we are wanting.

Mindfulness has taken off in recent years and perhaps one reason is a recognition and an attempt to help us train ourselves to cope with an ever changing world.  Mindfulness is an attempt to help us process and think, consider and gain control of what we feel.  Mindfulness should be very practical though many of us think of it as a bit airy fairy!

Have you ever paniced when you get to a floor in a multistory carpark and realise – ‘you cant find the car’.  Mindfulness is the way that you engage with that situation, emotion, problem and solve it.  So simple!  But kids are expected to deal with situations similar to this at a much earlier age and so helping children to engage with how they feel, what the situation is and consider what they think is just another experience that we hope will help them to be trained ready for the world.