What is Forest School?  


Being out in the forest enables children to take risks that usually they would not get.  In the early years especially this is fantastic for their confidence and resiliance.  They learn through experience and realise how great they are at problem solving and managing their own individual risk abilitity.  For example:

Using Knives and carving:  The children start off using potatoe peelers peeling veg for lunch and then move onto wood when they can hold the tools and have practiced enough.  Their concentration is impoved, their knowledge of the world around them, their ability to use their fingers and strength.  This all inturn enables them for other skills which benefit them when they go to school and concentrate on the many things they do there.  They have good grip and ability with pencils and concentration to not only focus on a task they are doing but also listening and learning, taking instruction.

Climbing trees or climbing over fallen trees: Children see others who are doing things they would like to and begin to try for themselves.  They learn how to move and hold onto things learning about their bodies and grow in strength.  They learn that when they fall they are ok, and think how they can do it differently to suceed.  I imagine them when they are men and lose a job, that resiliance is built into them and they have the structure in their make up to do the same, get back up and try again.  Or when they are at school and find something hard even friendships or being bullied (which none of us want for our children) They learn the indepence and confidence they need to be strong and resiliant.

I found this link which is great


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