Forest school training week

It was a great course and now to put it all into a portfolio and create a six week plan with children I don’t know well



I think this is one of the least understood areas which has become a buzz word for anyone who has thought and discussed childhood issues with others in recent years.

My take on this is how does a child cope with change, challenges, difficulties and failures. How do they utilise the support network they have and how secure do they feel in their environment.

How quickly do they bounce back and even how do they do that .

Walk around Dry Drayton

Fab autumnal walk today through fields over styles round ponds and dens to find an old trunk to sit on for snack time. Lots of nature finds: poo, mushrooms, a large den with at 3 holes leading into it. An animal trail and plenty of stingers but some had young flowers so we could feel them. And a massive nettle.