We have a large log cabin in the garden which we have as our main play room.  In the garden we have a sheltered area for outdoor messy play, a muddy kitchen with a mud pit, fruit garden with a wormery the children can see inside as it has a plastic viewing area.  Climbing frames, ride alongs, stage area, loose play area and a spring free trampoline (It is recomended children under 6 do not go on trampolines, but when I went to a childrens party and 4 or more children were playing on one small one together I felt it is important to teach children how to be safe on a trampoline and got the best I could which is a ‘springfree’ trampoline.  Please feel free to come and visit us on a Wed or Fri if you would like to consider your child joining our waiting list.

Here is a link to

the summer holidays SitePlan4Summer17

the year ahead in dates and holidays spring-term-plan-2017springterm-planning

Rosanna Mahmood mobile: 07535 94 878 5 home: 01954 212 543 81 Highfields Rd, Caldecote

Rates:  (this will be increased soon as gov min rate increases) £5 hr for under 5 and £4.25 (under 8) or £3.80 (over 8) for after school or school age

I am pleased we have been given permission to offer Funded places so please call to chat as there are a variety of ways to get funding based on age or need.   Funded 3 year old spaces are available and you can opt to join us rather than a playgroup or nursery.  As the 30 hours funding comes into place we will be rearranging our hourly rate, admin fee and have an outing expense fee so that we can cover costs.  The hourly rate of funding is going down so many childcare spaces will be lost with many nurseries having to close.  We do not want this to happen as we feel we enable parents to return to work and continue in their careers while children have a fantastic loving exciting time while with us.

Petrol for collections and delivery chargeable at standard rate .45 mile.

Food is charged at £2 for a main meal and Dinner if staying till 6pm.  Snacks drinks are included.  99% of the time we have home cooked and organic meals with steamed veg and organic meat etc.

Outings and Groups charged as add ons but parents are told ahead.

Mondays for nearly 4s we go to swimming with David Lowe for lessons on a monday morning. £12.50  By the time your child goes to school they will be able to swim and enjoy weekend activities and the confidence

Friday we go to Music Group (learning to listen in a group, copy actions, join in with songs, routines etc)  £3

We are hoping to get to the climbing wall once a month £4 and ice skating is on our agenda. This again is a cheap activity which children can do at weekends and for life ahead.

We love our outings and are happy to hear of new places to visit.  At the moment we choose from Woodgreen animal shelter, Denny Abbey farmland museum on the way to Ely, Papworth Park, Cambourne Parks, Forest, Wimpole, Shepreth Zoo, Hingchingbrook – Huntingdon, PlayBarns, Cambridge – Ely – St Neots – Museums,  We aim to start our day by listening to what the children have been doing and what they want to tell us.  They often enjoy playing with the toys and we observe to see how tired or lively they are.  It is during this time that we can assess what we should/could do with the children.  If they could do with a day out or a relaxed or lively day at home. If you see the planning page you will see our foundational plan for the week.  This varies, but our aim would be to engage the children and enable them to have a sense of achievement and excitement in their day and their accomplishments.  I hope that we are child led, adult guided.

The children are often full of energy first thing so they enjoy to play and explore.  We have a spotty bag with the children are able to take home and put things in they want to tell us about.   After snack we may do an activity, craft or outing.  The children love the outdoors and the environment.  We try to enjoy nature and being outdoors as much as indoors.  We have a large garden with vegetable patches, muddy kitchen, outdoor play houses, sandpit and water areas, we have climbing frames, ride along toys, dens, chairs and a sheltered area for creative play. One of our aims to take the children out to explore the world around us.  We enjoy garden centres with animals, postoffice, farms, heritage and national properties, parks, nature reserves, museums, beautiful walks.

just stunning ! 😉

  I am a Childminder who works with my assistants (co-workers) to provide an encouraging, fun, relaxed and homely environment for children in our care.

We work from my home near Cambridge enjoying the space I can provide which is being updated and changed all the time to suit the needs and ages of the children.  I have been working for a year on my own (before this I was an assistant and used / began this site). We aim to take the children out for days out, enjoy craft and fun at home, forest school activities, free play and structured play with the aim that children are cared for and encouraged to grow ready for school and other social settings they will find themselves in.

We believe that the early years are foundational to enabling children to feel confident and relaxed in the world.  The experiences they have now literally lay the foundations and build the physical connections in their brains for their lives ahead and the way they react and observe the world.

RosannaPhoto on 26-05-2013 at 17.05 #7

I love childminding and being able to offer children a loving fun environment with lots of outings especially exploring the outdoors.  My parents had a home for Mentally and Physically disabled adults in which I was very involved as we lived on the premises.  We had a large home with grounds and a woods so I grew up with my own woods and I have begun my forest school training so I can give children in our care the same love of the natural world I gained while growing up.  I then went on to be a nanny.  Having my own children I homeschooled them for the early years (until they were 7) and became involved in sunday school and other local clubs and groups for children.

My belief is that children learn alot from play and being given the opportunity to share our ideas and theirs.  My hope is that the children in our care will be individual and encouraged in their interests and skills as they develop.

I hope to provide lots of opportunities for the children to discover new things and have lots of experiences that will benefit them as they move onto school and into the wider world.

I hope that we will be able to encourage children to learn not only about play but also be enabled to learn and have creative and interested minds that want to learn and discover new things.  I also hope that we will be able to encourage the children to be great individuals who care and think of others needs as well as their own, learning to be disciplined and listen, being active and engaged with what is happening around them.  Thinking and contributing, being involved and learning to involve others.

I only have one niggle with the EYFs and that is that we are preparing children for school.  Not all children go to school and I dont agree that school should be the aim of a persons life.  School should fit in with our lives but that is a whole discussion of values ! We can sort the world out over a drink!  I with parents enable and support children to enjoy, love and accept the challenges of life so they can be prepared for life.  Allowing a child to fall down they learn how to get up.  Allowing a child to learn to do their own shoes and coat enables them to get up and out to play quickly feeling in control of their lives.

Essentially I feel what is important is that we work to ensure that we are part of a child’s care to ensure they are able to enjoy and work with the world around them.  This includes being prepared to read and enjoy books, numbers, colours, culture, physical activity and such like.  We have a time of ‘mindfulness’ each day and try to build in good habits and routines that will support individuals to make good choices for themselves and cope with various demands upon them throughout their lives.  We are enabling children to learn very important skills of organisation and inspiring them to want to be involved and learn.  So that whatever setting or life they have they are being given skills that are transferable and enhance their lives.

Monday Older children go swimming from the age of 4.  Throughout the day we have lots of messy play.  Messy Play is important for children.  Here is a link that says a lot of it for me !  Why is messy play important?  We have a new sheltered all weather area in which we can do messier play outside. This is available all year round everyday too.  On Mondays we aim to have innovative and new resources alongside things the children are learning and experiencing from already.

Tuesday Until January we are going to be closed on a tuesday as I want to spend some time teaching my daughter I homeschool and all the children we have at the moment are able to swap and allow this time.  

Wednesday    Gymnastics £5 then the children decide if they would like to go on an outing ‘Crocodile farm, Hinchingbrooke Park, Garden Centre, Rapture Centre, An Outing Day Denny Abbey, Huntingdon Canal, Hinchingbrooke Forest?

Thursday     Home Play, Messy Play, Free Play.  Walk to the forest for play.

We spend time learning from one of our developing treasure bags.  Thinking and exploring concepts of the world. Today is the day we often visit the library and a park somewhere.

Forest Friday   Music Group £3 after Music we ask the children what they want to do and we take a vote discussing what we will do depending on what we have done in the week.  We may come back to cabin and garden to play or go to the zoo or woodgreen.  Usually something animal based. Why story play is important


we do charge a month in advance.


If you take a holiday I charge half the fee.  If I take holiday I do not charge so I let you know at the beginning of the year my holidays so we can try and have them at the same time not costing you anything.

Opening Times

I am flexible and want to enable you to get back to work.  We have some set routines like school drop offs and pick ups but having two of us means we are able to be in two places at once!  Please talk to us about your needs to see how we can make life work for you.  I am basically up and about from 6am and everyone is collected 7pm.

I have commitments to my family where I have to take my eldest daughter to Psychology Appointments either in Huntingdon or Trumpington.  I have tried to arrange these so they are at 4pm on a friday so collection is 3pm when we have appointments, once a month.  I am am hoping it will enable parents to pick up easily so I can take her.  This is a short term thing but really important for her as she needs me to take her and be available to attend.  At the moment this is on a Thursday and occasionally Mondays.


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