Wimpole perfect weather



I think this is one of the least understood areas which has become a buzz word for anyone who has thought and discussed childhood issues with others in recent years.

My take on this is how does a child cope with change, challenges, difficulties and failures. How do they utilise the support network they have and how secure do they feel in their environment.

How quickly do they bounce back and even how do they do that .

Walk around Dry Drayton

Fab autumnal walk today through fields over styles round ponds and dens to find an old trunk to sit on for snack time. Lots of nature finds: poo, mushrooms, a large den with at 3 holes leading into it. An animal trail and plenty of stingers but some had young flowers so we could feel them. And a massive nettle.

Change of Structure

I have been inspired again to do our mindfulness and bring yoga into it.  We will do this each morning after free play.

We will use a small bit of material the children will sit on and in the middle we will have a flameless candle.  My aim will be that we first do our breathing then do a yoga move and then using another small candle the children will tell us what they are wanting to do today in our play times.  We will then be able to better help them achieve their goals.

We will then have our outing and when we come back we will have our structured play.

Another idea I have seen someone else do and loved was at the end of the week the children choose photos from their tapestry and we print them so they can take them home to tell family about their week.

At the end of the day we will have our story as we try to do at the moment but we will use our small bits of material to sit on and have our teddy with us.  So the children can use the teddy to do breathing exercises or lay down with if they want.