I am doing a course to help me do more with the children related to how they play.  Here is a short video which may help you to understand what Schemas are and how children use different schemas to learn.

Trajectory – up and down and along and back movements

Transporting – Moving items from one place to another

Enveloping – covering things up

Enclosing/containing – putting things into containers

Rotation – things that go round and round

Connection – joining things together

Positioning – putting things in particular places

Transforming – changing things

taken from the Pacey website course.



Aldi or Lidl

If you go to Lidl or Aldi… Lidl (formal Bio Gel) and Aldi (Almat Laundry Gel)

If you go to an Indian store I would LOVE Basil Seeds. As many is viable both for messy play and for making a fantastic dessert for kids to try.


We are beginning to think about holidays here so in December when we review our year and contracts I will give you a list of weeks we are planning a holiday.  There are a couple of childminders in the village who may have a space which you could use while I am away.  If you want me to explore this for you then let me know.

My thought is perhaps two weeks during the Easter hols and a week next October half term and a couple of fridays booked off with the Bank Holiday weekends so I can get away for a few long weekends.

Always happy to chat about it.