Meningitis Warning

Meningitis is on the increase we have been warned.  GPs are offering vaccinations.

you can download an app on the above link


Back from holiday 2 hour delay in driving, my luck!

fantastic time away hope you all had a great time.  We will carry on our theme of holidays so can you bring in a pic or pics for them to share and tell tales of their times away either this week or recently.


Cambourne park crawl

later today starts the bad weather so I decided to get us all out for a good walk and play.  We decided to go on a park crawl around cambourne.  Love it I love cambourne with all it offers I always get excited going there.

Here are a few of our pics. Most of them had children in so can’t post them.  It made me think I will do a page of places we go and an adventure picture or clue trial for families to at weekends.

some boys trying to get their bikes up the ramp so they could go down the slide!  very funny to watch, but they would not have been able to get the bike on the slide as there is a bar across so I was glad they didn’t get it up the ramp as I would have had to go and help them get them down!  

Summer holidays

we are having a great time not running to a routine of school runs.  I think we all enjoy the holidays.  This holiday is definitely about I spy and looking at what we can see.  At Denny museum we found a small mouse house and looked closely at what we could see they had an ISPs game to help us search for things and at the fitzwilliam museum we found a picture which had lots of bugs and insects hidden within the picture.

These pictures are from days out to Denny museum to make kites, fitzwilliam to paint, and a dragon search at St Mary’s the great in Cambridge  where we saw lots of dragons in the windows and sculptures.  We saw more dragons at the fitzwilliam too.  Ely museum was small but great fun as we became explorers.