Pirate Treasurebox

Our next theme is going to be pirates

Colour – parrots all the birds that live on a dessert island

Islands – distance, shapes, imagination, vegetation

Dens – ( we have been doing dens so this links well as we will use our forest school area to create our own island with a stick and branch den.

Animals – birds

Books – where the wild things are, 

Coins, gems, telescope, microscope, bug hunting on our island, latches and keys, 

Songs – 

Chores – scrub the decks and mop the floors

Rules – golden rules let’s think about rules for our ship


A garden day

We had an air show today in our garden and the kids then copied running around like airplanes !  We made our own plane from recycling that we used as a balance like wall to walk on.

Broody hen met her baby chicks and has accepted them amazingly and we planted all kind of seeds in trays then drowned them with watering cans!        

New tipee

after a month of making all kinds of dens I felt I was only lacking in a tipee so I cheated!   Maybe our new name should be Little Indians forest school ! LOL