Chicks   were successfully accepted by broody hen last night and she is loving them.  I am so exMeet Nemo, one wing is just a stump, but hopefully it will have a good life stil. 

We had to rescue the chick as she had become buried under the sawdust material. So she/he is in the incubator now warming up and drying off. 

 is one day old and very happy. Beginning to learn how to balance and walk with only one wing

You can see the stump on its right 

   June6th we have one fully hatched egg this afternoon.  Hiding under mummy but we saw her disappear so whew to one baby success 

This ring the beak is pecking its way out   Ok we have one hatching this eve so I’m excited

Edit: just a few days to go now.  How many will we have?  

One of our chickens is so broody that we decided we have got get her some fertile eggs to make her happy.  So here we are.  We are expectant parents of salmon Perkins, white silkies and I think silver partridge silkies. 

Below are the eggs on their way home from St Neots.


Below are the eggs just put in her coop

And below  here she is very protective. Let’s hope she does a good job  


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