See the new chicks which are hatching this weekend.  I have brought them in to the incubator so the kids will be able to see them hatching on monday.  If you scroll down I’m updating the broody hen blog post.

I hope this site will give you an overview of the way I work with children.  I have a diary which is password protected so only parents can see this.  I try to send photos daily so parents can see what their child/ren have been up to. I use tapestry to record photos with observations and think about what they have achieved and how I will help them move on to next steps of development. I love being creative and doing things outdoors. I am inspired when I can see children learning, when I can help them connect what they are learning and inspiring them to want to think and be interested in their own learning, play and creativity. Messy Mondays – From being out in the garden playing with water or paint to building dens with leaves on mondays we enjoy all our senses. Talkative Tuesdays – Library visit within Cambridgeshire, usually Cambourne or Cambridge City. Wellie Wednesdays – Bring your boots or suitable walking clothing as ours maybe wet from Monday. Thinking Thursdays – A great day to build, create, think, explore and learn Forest Fun Fridays – We have music group in the morning and then go on to the forest for our forest school play. I changed the use of this site from just a blog so below is the kind of  things we do.


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