DSC_0159~2Valentines cards of course.

The garden is cleaned up after all this rain. The play house is ready for play and we were given a new outdoor kitchen for the play house.  DSC_0203

Now is the time to think about the vegetables the children like so we can plan our vegetable patch.  Please let us know what they enjoy at home too.

Lots of the children are really enjoying painting so dont send them in fancy clothes!

We are doing lots of painting, drawing, face painting, mud moulding, water pouring on the patio, stamping.

DSC_0185DSC_0163~2DSC_0077~2 I hope to get a bit messy this month with toothpaste as we keep forgetting to use the brushes and paste to practice our skills on various recycling bits we have kept.

We have a theme at the moment of Hedgehogs.  If you see a hedgehog please let us know as this year we hope to encourage them into the garden and habitat we have created.

Here is a song we are singing:

I’m a little Hedgehog short and stout, see my prickles, see my snout, if you want to see me look about, say hello but please don’t shout.


http://www.hedgehogstreet.org      (This site is great for children, lots of posters and information)

http://www.hedgehogcentral.com   (I love this website for the puzzles, but they are to be done with parents as they are hard, kids will love seeing the unfolding picture though)


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