We have been aiming to help the children learn about flowers, plants and gardening.

We have enjoyed visiting garden centres where we smell, feel, look at the flowers, leaves and plants.

The children have gained so much from our visits.

Not only are they learning about gardening they have enjoyed lunch out and browsing the shops learning what they can touch and what they cannot.  They have learnt to communicate with others in different places too which has been wonderful.

Not to mention the amazing animals that some garden centres have.  We have seen amazing FISH, CHICKENS, INSECTS, PARROTS, MICE, RABBITS, etc…

It has been an amazing month to do this theme as April was extremely busy in the garden centres but this month seems to be much quieter.  I think we will swap our gardening month next year to June.  Sorry Dads you will have to have flowers for next years gift ! 🙂  grown by the mighty hands of your own treasures.



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