Spring Animals

Themes:  Spring – All about Me –

Painting – Butterfly paintings / face collage /

Playdough- creating a scene for spring – Animals and Animal homes

Learning – Butterfly life cycle – WE HAVE BEEN GIVEN SOME FROG SPAWN!

Outings – Hardwick woods with our cameras – notice the new flowers and new leaves and buds

Activities – Plant seeds – practicing sport skills  jumping, balancing, running, throwing and catching

Baby Chickens, Nesting Birds, Mice, Frog Spawn

frog info and colouring pages  .   We have been given some frog spawn so we are preparing a very small pond for the frogs.  This will be great for our vegetable patches because guess what frogs eat?  Slugs – Yippeee.

We are going to be able to watch the Frog Spawn grow and prepare the pond1912-grow-a-frog-l

activity village print outs

use some straw and the farm animals and create a farmyard for play.

Match the baby picture to the adult.  Odd one out.  Create pictures of baby animals with one being slightly different.

teach the children how to make butterfly paintings

images-2 images-1

Butterfly activities



Visits out to the Garden Centre and to National Trust  children can take a camera and take photos.  Often the plants are just beginning to show so it is a great follow up to the cycle of life as they have followed the change of environment in the different scenes.



Amazing Me

Head to Toe science link

Pictures of us all when we were babies.  How we have grown.  What can we do now – what have we learnt. – Balance, skipping, jumping, running, crawling, throwing balls, rolling balls, catching, hopping.

What do I like?  Scrap Book or Poster with pictures


Face Collage using tissue paper, wool,

crayola face collage

Looking after myself.  Washing hands, Brushing Hair, Eating different foods.

Face Painting

Lots of facial expression songs, games and stories.