Early Gardening and Planting

Now is the time to get those seeds in and keep them watered and warm.  We found long seed trays with plastic lids which could go on the window sills.  the children can see the seeds growing and follow their development as they later plant them out in the garden.

We have a mixture of flowers, vegetables and fruit.220px-How-to-Grow-a-Sunflower-in-a-Pot-Intro



Make a rainbow using child’s hands.  Children love to paint in one colour.  thandrainbowtasha

Create a large space and put paint on a tray for each child.  show them how mixing the paint colours makes a new colour.  Have a laminated paint chart so they can see which colours mix.

Using beads the children can make a necklace of their favorite colours.

Using pasta make a flower print picture.

Colours of animals.  From a brown hedgehog to a colourful parrot, a peacocks feathers to a brightly coloured fish.  Using strips of tissue paper or card create different animals.

Mosaic coloured squares to create colourful animals.

We are using science in this month of February – I found this great experiment any age would love.

colour wheel


Kids love to scribble and colour. here is a link to some quick print pages… a few of our children love peppa pig!