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Even babies can enjoy this.  Red Paint and using cardboard to make loveheart stamps the serrated make fun prints.


Make cookies and press thumbs at slight angles into the middle to make a love heart shape.

Using a string of Christmas lights and doilies this is a great decoration the kids will love and make the home look lovely for a winter month.





Doing Good Investigations!!!

Doing good things can be fun.

In February we are also using science as a theme.  Investigation is a big part of science so we have a treasure hunt for love hearts and we have to use clues to search for Goldilocks.  This is of course mostly for the older children, but the younger children will learn to join in and next year they will be the leaders!

Make love hearts with challenges of being good and doing good on them.  The children find them and put them in their doing good bags.

Golidlocks treasure hunt

Have a special word for each week.  See if the children can remember it and practice it.

Use the compare and contrast board with pictures of different jobs and helping others.