This month we willbe using the puppets and learning to tell stories, sing songs and dance.

Once upon a time a very strange lady began to work with a group of children, they decided to the strange lady needed decorating.  So they put clips in her hair, glasses on her face and she thought she did look pretty.  But the children decided that she did not look pretty enough and that she needed just a little more.  So they got out the facepainting box and set to work.


We will also be learning to use crafty stuff as we spend more time indoors.  A thought we had was to create a tipee ready for the summer and for the kids to use indoors.

Language and movement will be key elements of the curriculum this term so we hope you can encourage and notice what extra things the children are dong.

We have the insect walk being established so if you have any things that insect might like to live it please let us have them to include on our trail under the willow tree.

Though it is cold the kids will still enjoy playing outside so please ensure they are wrapped up especially on a Wednesday and Friday when we try to use the muddy kitchen and do work in the garden.

P1040439 P1040437 P1040407


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