Child Safety Week

Print out characters for Red Riding Hood.  Let the children work out the story using the story board.

6EDF8D9D1435C44A7F65EBF1C1425B016D27B594_smallusing the inside of kitchen rolls, paint and make a fireman, policeman, nurse, parent, lollypop person

Create an ‘escape obstacle course’  get children to discuss about getting out if there is ever a fire and not to collect toys but quickly get out and don’t go back.

Make signs of symbols that help us stay safe.

Bitesize symbols



6df725eb403fce4680d38a09c817f958using old bottles and material make a power pack rucksack

Make a shield and ask the children what qualities make a superhero great.  Being Caring, Thoughtful, Helpful, Quick, Thinking of others.  Put their choice on the shield.

FATHERS DAY CARDS  what is your dad like?  What does he like doing?   If a child does not have a father is there an uncle or friend of the family?  Or they can make a card for their father and keep it safe with a picture of them selves on it.  Be sensitive to family needs and issues.

Use small cardboard boxes to make a small town for children to pretend being super heroes in by jumping over the houses.2e5b59a87a4aa953badd909f1d7028c5